Somerley runs a syndicate shoot within the 7,000 acre Estate. This is overseen by the Head Gamekeeper who has worked on the Estate for over 30 years.

There are also a few Let Days available each year, usually towards the end of the season. For further information please contact the Estate Office on 01425 473621 or by e-mailĀ

The shooting concentrates around the historic parkland. The emphasis is on providing quality shooting whilst encouraging natural regeneration of wild birds and maintaining numbers by putting down pheasants and partridges on an annual basis. The habitat focuses on the ridge running between Ringwood and Alderholt with the natural cover of softwood, Rhododendron and Laurel.

There is also a small amount of stalking available on the Estate for Roe deer, together with Sika and Fallow deer. Any enquires about stalking on the Estate should be made to the Estate Office to check availability.

Wildfowl Shooting:

The Estate has a number of ponds, lakes and approximately five miles of the River Avon which makes for some challenging Wildfowl Shooting. The majority of this is in hand, whilst some is let. All the Wildfowl on the Estate is wild, and is therefore managed carefully by the Head Gamekeeper and thus provides some exciting sport in the right conditions.